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Have Questions?

Find answers to commonly asked questions for parents and players alike.  We realize that many visitors may not be familiar with the California club soccer environment, especially if currently playing in private leagues or with popular non-profit organizations (i.e. AYSO).  Don’t worry! We’re hear to get you acclimated quickly and easily. Take a look at the information below, and if you still have questions, reach out to us on our contact page!  

What is Riverside City Football Club?

RCFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit soccer organization whose main purpose is to provide soccer technique and tactics training to players from U8-U19 (competitive), and introductory fundamental training to younger players U4-U7 (recreational).


What is the time commitment to play with RCFC?

Teams usually have 10 games during the regular league season (five home and five away). The season runs fall, winter, and spring. During the fall and spring there are two practices and typically one game each week. Each practice lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. The fall season runs from late August to early November and the spring season runs from April 1 to the middle of June. During the winter there is normally a minimum of one training session per week for 12 weeks in duration. Teams have the opportunity to participate in an indoor/futsal league during the year.


How far do RCFC teams travel for games?

The average travel time for away games is 30 minutes with some being as close as 10 minutes away.
All home games will be in Riverside local parks and schools as scheduled by RCFC staff.


How are teams chosen?

Open Tryouts are held at various times throughout each year to determine the teams for the upcoming playing season. The RCFC professional training staff determines player selection and team formation. Consideration will be given to various factors when evaluating player’s abilities. These include the player’s performance during tryouts, their performance during the prior season (if applicable), and their player’s commitment, attitude, and coach-ability.


How competitive is RCFC?

RCFC boys and girls teams participate in the Coast Soccer League (CSL). Teams are placed in various levels within the league to provide the best competitive level for our players. This gives the players the best opportunity to develop their skills and have success while enjoying the game. All teams have the opportunity to participate in State Cup and National Cup competitions through Cal South and US Soccer.


Who are the coaches and how are they selected?

All RCFC teams have professional coach/trainers for both practices and games. The coaches are all very experienced in soccer, and many played at professional, semi-pro or collegiate levels. You can see bios of some of the club’s current coaches on the Staff pages. Trainers are hired by the club following submission of a job application and completion of an interview process. The Director of Coaching makes the hiring decisions, with supervision by the Board of Directors. All coaches are required to hold the appropriate licenses from US Soccer as well as clear a background fingerprinting screening.


What will my child learn with RCFC?

Each player will be taught technical skills (i.e., passing, receiving and dribbling) and tactical skills (i.e., making good decisions under pressure) using our advanced teaching curriculum. Each player will also be taught the aspects of fair play and teamwork in a positive coaching environment.


What is our playing time philosophy?

The RCFC playing time policy follows the guidelines of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and Cal South. It is a simple policy and is one that most travel clubs use.



We do, however, realize that in order to learn the game players must play the game. Our coaching guidelines recognize that U7 through U12 is the foundation (romance) stage of player development. Playing time may not always be balanced in every game. However, the staff coach strives to distribute playing time so all players have an optimum opportunity to develop. At this stage players who are in good standing with the team should have an opportunity to play in every game. It is our aim for our younger players to build a love for the game and this can only be done by playing.

At U13 and above the game becomes more competitive. U13 and U14 is the commitment stage where players generally commit to the sport. In this stage playing time will vary from player to player and in general the player who attends practice, works harder, and exhibits a higher level of skill and fitness will play more.

At RCFC playing time is at the discretion of the staff coach and players “earn” it through their work ethic and skill in practice and games. Just as playing time can be earned it can also be lost. The following are examples of situations that will result in a loss of playing time:

  • not being in good standing with the club (fees not paid, etc)
  • being late to or absent from practices and games
  • being disruptive during the coaching process
  • being disrespectful to coaches or other players


Riverside City Football Club
Address: 5198 Arlington Avenue, Suite 175
Riverside, CA 92504-2603
Call: (951) 223-1139