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Get Involved! Give Back!

RCFC is constantly exploring ways to cover operating costs and provide superior soccer development for our players.  The Board of Directors recognizes the value of partnering with local businesses and community members to support the values of the club.  We welcome the opportunity to connect the larger business community with club membership.  We seek out partnerships with organizations who share the clubs core values of Family, Football, and Feeling.  Interested in supporting RCFC? 

You can also donate to RCFC through the PayPal Charitable Giving Fund.  RCFC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in good standing with the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board.  Your financial contribution to the Club is tax deductible and can be safely submitted through our online store here or through RCFC’s PayPal Charitable Giving Fund Profile.

Become a Sponsor

Want to participate in your local community? Become a sponsor and support youth in your area.

Reach the Local Market

The demographic landscape of the Inland Empire is constantly changing as more and more young families relocate inland for lower cost of living and better quality of life.  As a result, RCFC’s membership represents a variety of racial, ethnic, and financial diversity only found in Riverside County.  A donation to RCFC ensures access to more than 500 players and their families.  Each of our teams competes in 3-6 tournaments each year and 15-20 weeks of regular league play.  This high frequency can maximize impressions of your brand to potential new costumers.  

Support Community Youth

Riverside County has an abundance of soccer talent in all ages.  The unfortunate truth is that some of the most gifted players do not always have the financial resources to participate at the highest level of competition.  At RCFC we do our best to assist all players facing financial hardship with options to enable their participation.  A donation to RCFC affords scholarships to those with less and covers a variety of club costs.  We can also accommodate underwriting of a specific player or team if desired. 

Tax Write-Offs!

RCFC is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the growth and development of youth in the region.  As such, the Club is not in the business of “making money” but rather seek to invest in our greatest assets; our youth.  Each year RCFC completes an annual financial audit and files the organization’s tax return as mandated by the CA Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service.  A charitable donation to RCFC is fully deductible and can greatly reduce your income tax obligation each year.   


Riverside City Football Club
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Call: (951) 223-1139